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When a Door Closes 2015


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released March 7, 2015

All music & lyrics, performed, recorded & produced by Mike Crook
with exception to:

Extra arrangement on "The Story Rages On" by Mike Lee.

Vocal recordings on "Of the Water from the Sea" by Karl Walsh.

Contemporary Photography by Frederick Apps


all rights reserved



CROOK Manchester, UK

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Track Name: Heavenly
Heavenly, seems we’ve been selected
And the frequencies have been frequently detected
Evidence shown to me can only lead me to believe.
We have a contact time

All the signs, match all the science
And that static charge, signifies compliance
Experiments from ages past predicted this and it has come at last.

There’s no drugs and it’s no phallicy
Can you believe that it’s not trickery
Just heavenly, simply heavenly

Prepare the site we’ll need brighter lights
For the stars & studs to come out tonight
When it comes don’t be surprised, take no pictures
See it with your own eyes. X2

Lay down your arms & show your face
Come meet a soul from outer space
Hopefully our military, will have no use here, here it’s heavenly

Will we break their idea of humanity
They will sense, sense what we can not see
What, what will they see, will it be heavenly
Track Name: Strawberry Weather
I know I have the car & I think I got the money
So let’s take advantage of this strawberry weather
I got cream in my thinking & shades in my top pocket
The skies a funny shade of blue the lights the right shade of green
So get in, I’ll put the motor into forth
Far out, gonna take you into the country

All day dreaming that I was somewhere else
All the way, knowing that there is somewhere else CHORUS

The leather in the front seat is burning my bare arms
The faces in the back seat are laughing at all the farms
The trees are up & dancing and the country lanes are driving us crazy
So we stop…take lunch by the river
Put our feet in the water, pick up our litter
Wind our way down to a place that we wished that we lived in


Even though we know it might rain.
It’s not gonna stop us today
Come hell or high water we’ll take BREAK
What ever the sky has to say
But we have a funny feeling that the strawberry weather will stay

Do you have the time, have you got the money
Let’s take advantage of the strawberry weather (Repeat in sync with below)

Break a piece off, take a look at the world
There’s only one life but ironically there’s millions to choose from X 4

To choose from X2
So choose one
Track Name: Sweet Sweet Daine
I find it hard to explain,
To myself to her face
In time and in space
Of all the faces I see
From then until now
I see her, I see her

Her hair, her simple tone, a ton of tears, all her fears
The way she complains of her misfit clothes
On a body that carries a perfect soul
Weary and brave, honest in a, cynical world
That wares, That wears her

Find it hard to explain to my sweet, sweet Daine X2

Eyes locked face to face, and I look for the best of what’s in her chest
A heart too big it will never fly
How can a heart that big, ever fly

The dust I’ve seen it, it floats
Just in front of her, as a ghost
Spirit of kind
That steps off the line
With no shame and no crime
Time after time and time after time
She will give it me all
Without question at all

Find it hard to explain to my sweet, sweet Daine X2
My sweet, sweet Daine X2

I think she Knows
Track Name: Princess and Clown
I once spent my time hunting you down
You spoke like a princess, I danced like a clown
Across the space between us the flowers grew wild
Eating each other in Darwinian style

We tumbled together in paper and cans
Flying in ether, sinking in sand
I gave you my profile, you taught me to smile
The city was hungry and we ate for miles (& miles & miles)

The screens were ablaze, they were showing us how
To buy into love and true hope for here and for now
We’ll live here for ever in this tinsel-shit town
Eat one another the princess and clown
Deceive one another, princess and clown
Complete one another, princess and clown
Track Name: The Story Rages On
I heard the voices in my head so to the studio I fled
To paint the pictures on my wall and feel the ghosts and demons fall

Fought the dragons to the death, broke the silence held my breath
And when the carnival left town, there was no sight there was no sound

Would I have it any other way

So the story rages on, a fool is placed upon the thrown
In the spot light they are drawn, and with relief we watch them fall

So pick the pieces off the ground, try in vein to mend the crown
When all the people turn away, and there is nothing left to say

But would they have it any other way

So I circle round the fire, or take a walk upon a wire
I think there’s nothing left to fear, again the voices I can hear
They tell me I should be afraid, the story tellers gone insane
I place my hand upon a pen, pick it up and start again

And would we have it any other way
And would we choose it any other way
Or could we love it any other way

And the story rages on X4
Track Name: Tick Tock
I wake every day in a box full of hours,
Stretch out my limbs, go take a shower
I look at the lid it said Monday again.
The days chase the days and pass through my veins

And I start my forage for love,
Or change or magic or wisdom above
The clock face’s hand will give it a shove,
The push, pushing of time X2

You can master the bow, learn to fly, learn a language.
Read a good book or gather your armies
Spend the whole while sat watching TV
Or help a small country on it’s quest to be free

The truth is the pot always boils
Whether watched or unwatched that pot it will toil
And standing there still, eyes wild yet still blind
I realise it’s all about time X2

Tick tock is there something between
The middle of the night where time stops to scream
The only time, time breaks is in hearts or a dreams

Hearts or in dreams (Repeat)

So come on my friend let’s help build this tower,
So people can see and witness its power
And once it is famous for its strength and it’s purpose
We’ll share it’s grand walls across many nations

Its words will climb over the hills
And Its answers will cure all the ills
The public will bend to its will
It’s happening in the middle of our time X2

Tick tock (repeat)
Track Name: I Have You
I’m standing still because I can not move
I have everything and everything to lose
Who was I with when I lost the way?
The crowd just took me where I am supposed to pay

But I have you, to cross the desert with me
I have you, to slide into the sea

So we are the end of time
Look at the view it’s beautiful divine
So break my faith, go on and steal my face
Just take it all and leave me with this empty space

I don’t care cos
I have you, to cross the desert with me
I have you, to slide into the sea

This is an interesting space
Where heaven has been touched
And hell has been replaced
But is this the case when all of us feel fine
A clock with out a face, nothing left but time
Nothing left but time, nothing but goodbye

Goodbye, bye, bye
Oh how I try, try, try
To move from left to right
Instead of lie, lie, lie
Now god has gone, gone, gone
There’s nothing wrong, wrong, wrong
And in the crowd we stand we stand alone

Nothing matters because
I have you, to cross the desert with me
I have you, to slide together in the sea
I have you, to kiss my breath away
I have you, upon the final day.
Track Name: Of the Water from the Sea
Take the water from the sea just enough for you and me
Rest the vessel in the deep, raise a body full to keep
Take the water from the sea

Watch the air run through the trees see its freedom on our knees
Count the oxygen we breathe. Try remember our last breeze
Watch the air run through the trees.

On our way, we can not stay

Bring the torches for the dark, check the radio it works
Finally begin to see the price of everything that’s free
Bring a torch so we can see

Have we packed the books to pray or just leave them where they lay
Throw our valuables away. There is nothing left to say
Close the world up on our way

Ooh heaven bound, homeward drowned, homeward drowned

Place some earth with in a case, leave a sign for us to trace
Moving forward to the day, we will drink again the rain
Of the water from a sea.

On our way, we can not stay
Track Name: Part Time Human
I have one song left, the last chance to speak of treasures I seek
in the morning light. In Manchester shine that won’t shout too bright. I will
Raise my voice to cars and old clocks to the weather that never stops
And dream aloud, but I won’t get too far and I won’t reach my stars
And I won’t reach my stars in this crowd

As a part time human, don’t think I’m alone
I pretend to be working when all I can do is lie down CHORUS
Tomorrow you don’t have to face it alone
So pretend to be working and join in the chorus from home.

The days will lie, as the future runs week to week stamping it’s feet on the
Truth feels high; I can’t use this door when this door is upon the floor
And Its trapping my head from the sky.


Chorus at home chorus at home chorus for home X4
Chorus at home written for you for when you’re alone

There’s a song unsung, the ringing dies down in this killing town
It feels old today, forget all the memories, and wipe clean the centuries
And ask no wage, lie in your bed and find it well read
For stories will spread from the page


A Chorus For home, a chorus for home, for home X6 ?
A Chorus For home, a chorus for home, for when you’re alone
Track Name: Tell
Sit here in the dark, a spot light on my heart
I can’t tell, I can’t tell
An altruistic hand makes it easier to stand
Still can’t tell, still can’t tell

Oh the bridge is blown apart. But I don’t need it to walk

You pass a glance my way, smile and I obey
Can you tell, oh can you tell
The single word you say really helps me through the day
Will you tell, oh will you tell

Is it the word that touched my heart. Or did the heart just reach too far

No need to spread the word, it seems they’ve all been heard
Too late to tell, too late to tell

A confession to the lord, god they must be bored
They’ll never tell X 2

I have nothing but this hand, and the will to understand
So take me for the fool, because later I will lose

I walk like you, I fall like you
Can you tell X2
I preach to you, you teach me too
Can you tell X2
I fought with you, I hunted you
Can you tell X2
I lie with you and lie with you
Can you tell X2

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